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Mobile & Web Applications

Mobile Apps and Web Apps are built very differently and we can do them both for you.  While the user experience and design are very similar, they are essentially two different products. If you’re in need of an offline platform which has information that can be accessed any time, a Mobile App is the perfect way to go. On the other hand, a Web App will need no additional help in updating itself whenever necessary and with an active internet connection.

Whatever needs you have, our developers are set and ready to start working on your project.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are platform specific – this entails  starting from scratch in terms of design and development. They are much faster, and tend to be more advanced in terms of features and functionality.

We develop intelligent solutions for creative ideas that make everything easier for your business. Interact with your partners and clients through mobile access – even offline. Available for Android & iOS.

Web Apps

Web Apps are dependant on an active internet connection, yet they are much simpler in terms of features. They can upgrade themselves whenever neccessary and they don’t need to be downloaded, which makes them more accesible for users.

Showcase everything you want your users to see – without lifting a finger. We digitally personalize the Web App you dreamed of with well-crafted style and award-winning promptitude.

Creative Design

The user interface is the first impression your business makes to the users. We can make it be strong, long-lasting and, above all, successful. We work with businesses from all around the globe to help them with the right UI/UX design, tailored perfectly for their needs.

User Experience (UX) Design

Starting from the way your users interact with the App and all the way to navigating through all the different sections, it all comes down to the UX – User Experience. Our UX developers are concerned with the entire process of integrating your product, starting with usability and function. We believe your story starts long before the users begin to interact with your project.

UI Design

Images, clickable buttons, sliders, test entry fields, screen layout – we got it covered for you. You tell us what your vision is and we build it starting and finishing with the tiniest details.

We aim to create designs that are easy to use and pleasurable to look at. We focus on understanding your vision and making it highly usable and efficient.

Content Management Systems

We also count on the power of the content management systems (CMS). If you’re looking for a faster route to the finish line, we will craft your website according to your business goals. Depending on what you want from it, we offer a nice variety of CMS you can choose from.


Drupal is a flexible CMS through which we add and remove features to your website by installing and uninstalling modules, and we modify the entire design by installing and uninstalling themes.


Security and highly-customizable are two major attributes of WordPress. We can use any type of media – text, images, and videos. This CMS offers us the creative freedom needed to turn your concept into reality.


Umbraco is a flexible CMS that’s written in C# and it provides the possibilities to write and publish content for both internet and intranet. If you’re looking for infinite editing prospects, we will count on Umbraco to help us with your project.


The possibilities are endless – well, almost endless. Every business is different and that comes with different ways to implement the ideas behind it. Our highly adaptable developers will find the most suitable plan of action for you

Make your ideas come to life!